Chris Schulmeister

For Allen City Council, Place 4

“As a long time resident and community volunteer in Allen, I would be honored to serve on the Allen City Council.  It is critical that we wisely manage our pace of growth and enhance the quality of life that Allen residents cherish. While managing this growth, we need to continue to revitalize some of the maturing areas within our City.”

Vision, Values & Opportunities

VISION: Allen is a City where deep roots are valued and prudent growth is welcomed. The pace and type of growth in this last phase of build-out must be managed wisely while revitalizing maturing areas within the City.

VALUES:   Chris understands that effective decision-making does not occur in a vacuum. He can be trusted to listen to the voices of all points of view and combine that input with his years of experience as a resident, a businessman and a community volunteer to inform his decisions. Rather than approach each issue with a predetermined agenda, Chris listens and learns before he acts.


Comprehensive Development Review –  Ensure there is a thorough review process prior to approval of new developments with appropriate citizen engagement.

Positive Culture –  Work actively to create and support a culture and environment that embraces the diversity and values of our residents.

Enhance Quality of Life – Expand options for all ages with a focus on parks and recreation, and support for partnerships with education, community, and civic organizations.

The Leadership Our City Needs Right Now




About Chris

  • Successful entrepreneur and community volunteer for over 30 years.
  •  Numerous leadership roles include Allen Community Outreach Board President, Community Development Corp, Economic Development Corp, and other planning and advisory boards
  • Active leader and participant in many church and civic groups
  • Significant corporate financial and entrepreneurial experience, MBA from SMU
  • Self Employed and positioned to carefully navigate the City through this final phase while staying focused on what is best for the residents of Allen.
  • People who know Chris attest that he works hard, is practical, and is a team player. Chris can be trusted to carry that same work ethic to the City Council, and he will be fully committed to serving all the residents of Allen.

Proven Service + Proven Leadership = Proven Results

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