I have received several inquiries regarding my position on the proposed Thakkar development and Cricket Stadium southwest of the Alma and 121 interchange. I would like to share my thoughts, how they evolved, and why I am opposed to the large open-air Cricket Stadium.

 The development as it stands today is not how it was originally proposed to the Allen Economic Development Corporation (AEDC).  I was a board member of AEDC for the last two years until my recent resignation.  The initial Thakkar proposal to the AEDC was a mixed-use concept that included office, retail, and housing, much like what you see at Watters Creek.  As plans moved forward beyond the AEDC, Thakkar began introducing concepts on a much larger scale, and far beyond what I had seen in the original scope.  After visualizing the final rendition, it did not make sense to me and I was no longer in favor of what it had become.  Residents of the surrounding neighborhoods raised good points at the January 22 City Council meeting. 

Through my years of experience serving on the boards of the Allen Community Development Corporation and the AEDC, I have come to understand there is a process as projects move from concept to realization.  This process includes input from staff, Allen residents, Planning & Zoning, and Council.   If I am elected to serve this community as a member of the City Council, I can assure you that I will work hard to ensure all citizen’s voices continue to be heard.

 I invite you to keep an eye on my website and Facebook page.  I plan to schedule listening events in the near future and always welcome you to attend.

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