What Does it Mean to Be An Experienced Servant Leader for All of Allen?


  • It describes a person who has demonstrated volunteer leadership in their community in many ways including serving as a member of the Community Development Corp and Economic Development Corp.

  • It describes a person who has raised their family in Allen and Allen Public Schools.

  • It describes a person who embraces the growing ethnic and socioeconomic diversity in Allen, helping the economically disadvantaged through serving as Board President of Allen Community Outreach and helping bring the Collin County Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration to Allen.

  • It describes a person who can use their years of large and small business finance and entrepreneurial experience to help inform their perspective and make sound decisions.

  • It describes a person who is not afraid to dig into the details of difficult issues and listen to all points of view to help determine the best course of action.

This Experienced Servant Leader is Chris Schulmeister.  And this is why Chris has been Publicly Endorsed by Over 175 Allen Residents of All ages and backgrounds.  If you want to learn more about why so many individuals have endorsed Chris, go to the ChrisforAllen Facebook Page. Several organizations have also endorsed Chris including:

A Current Challenge Facing Our City

While Commercial Development can expand our tax base, it can also dramatically affect the lives of our citizens in both positive and negative ways.   When the proposed Thakker Development near 121 and Alma suddenly included a large, open air cricket stadium, Chris spoke out publicly on behalf of our residents.  More recently, at the Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting on April 2nd on Agenda Item #6- Public Hearing to Establish a Planned Development Zoning District and….Concept Plan…for 12.28 acres in Central Business District, Chris created a statement and a plan presented concerning the Proposed Downtown Redevelopment that included 850 apartments.  Here is part of that statement.

Chris Schulmeister recommends that the Planning & Zoning commission table any action on this agenda item until there has been a chance to consider the broader impact to the surrounding residential community and the overall vision and master plan for the Central Business District. And equally as important, until the developer establishes a proactive process for informing and interacting with nearby residents.  Now is the time to take a step back and look at the larger picture of Allen’s future and the importance of creating a thoughtful plan, a master plan. A master plan that everyone can rally behind. The approach should include a Steering Committee that guides the process which would include first and foremost, residents of the community. It should also include members of City Council, P&Z, city staff as well as business owners in the area. They need to allow for broad public input about potential uses for downtown and dialog about what is important to the community.

This is a big deal for Allen. We need a downtown that will establish an inviting, vibrant, community hub, that will beautifully co-exist with and enhance the surrounding residential neighborhoods. Chris Schulmeister is reaching out to residents in the surrounding neighborhood to hear their concerns and how they can be addressed in a thoughtful, respectful way with both the developer and the City. It is a 3-legged stool of Residents, Developer, and City. All legs must have a voice. 

A downtown can be a place that will serve as a gathering space and community center and will invite everyone with a variety of opportunities to enjoy art and cultural activities, entertainment, dining, shopping, working and living spaces all within a walkable, accessible downtown district. A place that helps keep Allen proud and unique.


This is Leadership That Listens. This is the Leadership that Allen needs.  

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