Many thanks to the voters in Allen for turning out for our local election.  I am extremely honored to serve as your Allen City Council representative.  I also want to congratulate Melanie Hughes on all her hard work during this campaign. 

 Whether you voted for me or my opponent, I want to be clear that my goal is to listen to and represent all of the citizens of Allen.  I understand this will not be an easy task, especially given the growing diversity of opinion about so many different issues in our community.  Regardless of that, I will work extremely hard to see that we work together to find solutions that don’t just fit one’s own personal beliefs, but fits a shared belief about what is best for our City among all of those living in Allen. 

I have learned a lot of things during this campaign.  I have heard the voices of those who are concerned about both the pace and type of developments occurring in our city.  Some feel as if they are left out of the process when it comes to new developments and wish to be more engaged. 

I want to be clear that I enter my time on the Council with a plan to serve all the residents in Allen with an open mind and a desire to listen to all of you.  There will be decisions made where we do not all agree – that is the nature of democracy and public elections.  But as a longtime Allen resident, my number one priority is to continue to focus on making Allen a great place for people to live as we all work through the City’s final phases of development.  In addition, I will make a commitment to ensure that decisions made by the Allen City Council are made in the best interests of our residents and not outside voices whether they be developers, special interest groups/associations or national political parties.

Thank you to everyone who came out and voted for me for Allen City Council, and to everyone who; endorsed me, supported my campaign with a sign in your yard, walked neighborhoods, hosted an event, addressed envelopes, helped at the polls and just generally spreading the word. I am grateful and honored to be elected to serve all the residents of Allen.

Chris Schulmeister

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